Bakemm and Celiacs: Whats up?

My last blog post shared a father's dismay after serving his Celiac daughter a Bake'mm Bagel and NO NASTY CELIAC REACTIONS OCCURRED. Both daughter and father were happily surprised and very impressed with Bake'mm Bagels.

It happened again.

The following email was received today:

Good evening, I was just reading a post on your website from someone who advised the bagels are in the gluten-free section of their store. I too purchased your bagels from the gluten-free section in ShopRite! Surprised to find that my boyfriend read the ingredients and they have wheat. I have eaten at least 6 of them and have had no reaction. Thinking I got “lucky” after hearing they have wheat I decided to press my luck one more time....and I was fine. I was diagnosed with celiacs almost 4 years ago, I am 41 years old. My last celiacs suffering was in December when I consumed French fries that were coated in flour to make them crispier. I didn’t realize ...and I suffered in bed the next day with my usual gluten eating symptoms. Then had to eat light food for next two days while my intestinal tract repaired itself. I don’t understand why your bagels don’t make me double over in pain. Also, find it odd that two grocery stores put your product in the gluten-free do you promote it? Are you testing the waters and finding that the responses like mine support your theory that the mass produced GMO wheat we grow in this country is in fact poisoning us!!! What is it that is different with your product. I am truly shocked that I have no reaction. I have even had a minor reaction from soy sauce that isn’t gluten-free free if I have more than a small amount (because I forgot to bring my own). Stumped by my diagnosis and wondering how long I can eat your bagels before I see a reaction. Thanks for reading. Jen G.

Bageladies reply:

Dear Jen,

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. We are as stumped as you; but, rest assured we are looking into it. When our Bake'mm Bagels are placed in the grocery store, we have no control over where they are displayed. In many cases, the "Specialty" section is right next to the "Gluten Free" section and unfortunately this causes some confusion for customers. I know that persons suffering from Celiacs are always anxious to find great tasting GF products, so I completely understand how easy it would be to reach for the Bake'mms, ever hopeful to find a new GF bagel. We only market our bagels as GLUCOSE FREE.

As you indicate, you could be experiencing "Celiac reactions" from glyphosate in conventional wheat, if the wheat products you've eaten are not organic. One way to rule this out would be to eat bread that is 100% organic— would that be something you are willing to do and report back? If you have no reactions to eating a different organic wheat product, you should get tested for glyphosate poisoning. If you have a reaction to a different organic bread product, then we definitely need to dive into studies that tell us more about the Bake'mm Bagel miracle.

I would like us to keep in touch. If you have any additional questions or additional information, please let me know. I will do the same.

All the best,

Janet Dob, Bagel Maven

Bageladies LLC

This is a plea for more information from others who suffer from Celiac disease. We need your help to learn what's going on. Please contact me at if you have had good or bad experiences with Bageladies Bake'mm Bagels. Haven't tried us? Willing to give it a try? We could be on the brink of an amazing scientific discovery— one that will benefit a lot of people.

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