Email subject: Celiacs and your bagels

Yesterday I received this email from a wondering father:

"Hi there! Quite by accident (your bagels are in the gluten free section at Krogers, RVA) I served my celiac daughter one of your bagels as part of an egg sammy. She loved the sandwich and the next time over she wanted know what kind they were so we pulled out the package and to our surprise - wheat is the #1 ingredient! So, she had absolutely no celiac reactions (and she has nasty ones) to your bagels and I was wondering if you have heard of similar situations and/or have an explanation? Your bagels are yummy..."

And, this was my response:

Wow; thanks for your message. Let’s try to figure this out together.

We have heard from others who have “gluten intolerance” that our bagels work for them, but have not had any comments from people who’ve been diagnosed with Celiacs. This could be because persons with Celiacs have intentionally not tried our bagels.

While our bagels are made with wheat, the wheat we use is 100% organic and is approximately 25% lower in gluten than most commercially made bagels. We know that our patented cooking process changes the nature of the wheat starch to yield a low-glycemic bagel— 60% fewer sugars, and zero wheat starch glucose; perhaps more is happening that we currently know. We know that people who’ve had lap-band surgery, people with diabetes, and wheat intolerance are able to eat our bagels; this has fascinated us and given us reason to believe that perhaps it’s the sugars playing a larger role in more people’s diets and digestive systems than wheat.

Relatively new science is revealing that conventionally produced wheat could indeed contain glyphosate. And, European scientists have shown that persons suffering from glyphosate poisoning have symptoms that mimic Celiacs. Perhaps your daughter’s condition is related to glyphosate rather than wheat.

I am curious to know what products your daughter’s celiac reactions come from. Are these products wheat based (breads, cereals, cookies)? If so, are these products conventional or organic? Do her reactions occur when wheat is a lesser ingredient such as gravies or soups, where wheat is used as a thickener?

I am very interested in learning more about your daughter’s Celiac reactions and, especially, her lack of those "nasty Celiac reactions" to our Bake’mm Bagels.

Please share your experiences with us!

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