The Daily Grind at William & Mary Changes Leadership

Williamsburg, VA. D. Scott Owen, creator and owner of The Daily Grind, renowned coffeehouse on the campus of the College of William & Mary leaves The Grind as beloved mentor, employer, and friend to students, faculty, staff, and neighbors following a 15-year successful tenure.

Scott Owen retiring from The Daily Grind: Barista, Mentor, Friend

This weekend the Bageladies joined in a celebration to reminisce and say 'goodbye.' The event revealed the extent to which Scott created at close-knit, loving community at The Daily Grind.

Scott and his namesake 4-week old Owen

Scott cradled the 4-week old son of a former employee while telling me their story. "While students at William & Mary, they met here at The Grind. Years later they had their wedding here and I was the officiant. They named their son after me," said Scott.

And then there's Christian. Following his service as a US Marine, he became a student of English Languages at William & Mary. "I walked into The Daily Grind and fell in love with Scott and we became the best of friends," Christian recalled.

Christian and his baby

Christian and his family, including (their rescued pup) joined in the send-off. "I wrote my first novel while having bagels and coffee at The Grind."

Bageladies has been providing Bake'mms to The Daily Grind forever. Scott recalled, "I figured there had to be a local, organic bagel alternative to Sysco Foods that would work here. I found Bake'mms in a Google search. We talked on the phone; Janet came to see me with samples; I fell in love." He added, "Everybody does! Students, visitors to campus, faculty— everyone here."

Eric, The Daily Grinds new guy.

So it goes; the torch passes to Eric.

Bageladies welcomes you to your new adventure. We will continue our commitment to great customer service and top quality, vegan, low-glycemic bagels that The Daily Grind community deserves.

Here's to continued success.

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