Bagelini: The famous grilled sandwich at Bageladies Cafe

Over the years the alchemist at Bageladies have created fabulous culinary inventions that will make the entire family's mouth water. The famous Bagelini is the highlight at Bageladies Cafe at the Charlotteville City Market. Lines form early to enjoy this tasty sandwich hot off the grill and now we offer this delicious recipe (and more) to you.

Choose your favorite flavor Bake'mmm Bagel and your favorite sandwich fixings. Be creative! Bagelini can be vegan (use hummus instead of cheese) with roasted vegetables; vegetarian, meaty (pulled pork BBQ with coleslaw and Muenster cheese) varieties!

Here's how to assemble'mmm.

Slice unbaked Bake’mmm Bagel and place cut side down on your prep board. A deli slicer works great when slicing several bagels at once.

Assemble an inside-out sandwich with:

  • sliced cheese (or hummus)

  • grilled or baked egg, meat or roasted vegetables

  • bacon or Canadian bacon (optional)

  • spinach, your favorite greens, peppers, or grilled onions

  • sliced cheese

  • top with remaining bagel half keeping the cut side up.

Grill on a preheated flat-top (low-medium heat, about 325-F) or a heavy skillet for about 3 minutes per side or until cheese is melted and insides are heated through.

Tip: Cover sandwich with a dome or lid, add a spritz of water to create steam. This will help heat the inside of the sandwich more quickly.

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