Janet & Cynthia—the Bageladies 

Janet— the Baker Kid


All grown up at 7, full of confidence, a Hot Cross Bun recipe and her Mom’s permission (just clean up the kitchen, she said) Janet attempted her first yeast-raised product. Flour everywhere! She double-checked everything, shaped them so pretty, waited patiently for the dough to “double-in-bulk.” From-the-oven, perfection. So proud, she presented her beautiful Hot Cross Buns at breakfast—perfectly shaped, a nice shine, and decorated with carefully placed white creamy crosses. Her HCBs were as hard as rocks and her brothers used them as baseballs.


She was devastated. Mom went over every step. Janet tried again and nothing more could be said of batting practice!


Her love of baking continues to grow beyond “double-in-bulk!”

"I love to bake and want it to be easy for you."   – Janet

Cynthia— Animal Rescuer


Cynthia, our Marketing & Customer Relations Director is very passionate about animals. 


Cynthia works tirelessly in support the local heroes that do good work for animals. These heroes include but are not limited to The How's Project, Peaceable Passings, Animal Connections, Green Dogs Unleashed, and many more.


Cynthia’s raised almost $12,000 with her creative Humanity Bracelets which she sells at the Bageladies Cafe booth every Saturday during farmers market season.


We're proud that Cynthia received CAAR’s Good Neighbor Award for her fundraising work with the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA and Animal Rescue groups across Central Virginia.

"Until all the cages are empty."          – Cynthia