We want Bake'mm Bagels

Bageladies is rethinking the way we distribute your favorite bake-at-home bagels. Our new organizational plan is based on determining different distribution strategies that will efficiently deliver Bake'mm Bagels Directly to you. 

To do that, we are reopening our online store so you can reserve Bake'mms. This will allow us to gauge order volume, continue to connect with our loyal customers and formulate a workable plan moving forward.


To support Bageladies in this process, please place a no-obligation order.

If you're happy let us know in a review. 
Bagel Lover's Dream Bagels
Healthy low-Glycemic NY Bagels

Eight Yummy Flavors

The Bageladies—Janet & Cynthia
Bake'mm are Healthy NY Bagels

Made with our patented process, our bagels have 60% fewer sugars (compared to traditional bagels) and zero wheat starch glucose. Low-glycemic for a healthy blood sugar response.

Meet The Bageladies

Janet and Cynthia are the Bageladies of Charlottesville, Virginia! Loved around town for their business acumen, generous community spirit, and their boundless entrepreneurial energy.


A fixture of the town's City Market at Bageladies Cafe, Cynthia takes center stage as the marketer, telling the story of our company to receptive locals and visitors. Janet takes her place at the grill, ensuring that every Bagelini is perfectly prepared.


During market season on Saturday (7 am-Noon) in Charlottesville (April-November), visit the Bageladies; they'll welcome you and make you feel right at home!

Our Story
Bagels done right can change the world.

Saturday Market— April - Thanksgiving


At City Market in downtown Charlottesville, VA you will find the Bageladies at their outdoor Cafe serving up their famous Bagelini sandwiches, fresh off the grill.

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